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November 16th 4 PM

Steli EftiFounder of

How to build and test a sales model for your business

November 16th 1 PM

Tracy TimberlakeYoutube Expert

Tips on leveraging YouTube for branding

November 15th 4 PM

Joy PasseyFounder of JOY Prosperity Coaching

What you need to know about starting and growing a coaching business

November 15th 3 PM

Elinor StutzFounder of SmoothSale

How to qualify and warm a lead by connecting on a personal level

November 15th 1 PM

Brandon BruceCo-founder of Cirrus Insight

Advice about starting and validating a business before quitting your job

November 14th 2 PM

Will HenshallFounder of Focus@Will

How to use the "right" music at work to become more productive

November 14th 11 AM

Peter SandeenMarketing Consultant

Defining and conveying your marketing message effectively

November 12th 3 PM

Brynne TillmanFounder of Social Sales Link

How to warm your LinkedIn prospects and close more leads